Free Consultation
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 Our No charge, No obligation, Free consultation

Without out any expense or obligation, you can interview us to make sure that we are the right fit for your business.

Contact us, and we’ll make an appointment to meet at your business. At this meeting we will discuss your business’ specific needs, and how Trinity Bookkeeping can fulfil them.

By being at your premises we’ll be able to a feel of your business and your people. We’ll discuss issues like paper flow, record keeping, and any backlog that you may have. If not using any accounting software, we’ll advise you on what the best package is for your business, or even if you need one at all.

But most importantly, you’ll get meet us, a feel of who we are, how we work and if we’re the right bookkeepers for your business. All at no expense to you or any obligation to use our services.

All this means is that YOU decide if we right for your business, all with NO CHARGE and no obligation to you.

So drop us an e-mail or give us call and so that YOU can make the RIGHT decision.

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